“Every Delusion That I Hold Prized”


“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.”

—William Wordsworth

Welcome to Sinful Distractions, and thank you for visiting.

When I originally bought the domain name sinfuldistractions.com way back in 2002, weblogs were not at all as common as they are now.  Blogging platforms such as WordPress, Blogger and the like were to my knowledge non existent. While personal websites were popular before the advent of Myspace and Facebook  they mostly consisted of bad HTML and gaudy, clashing colours with very little media.

   “How hard can it be?” I asked myself.

Thus, Sinful Distractions was created. A basic HTML website built using simple tools supplied with the package. My own little space on the interwebz.

Initially, the site was used to display some of my early scribblings, eventually to include the work of others, friends and online acquaintances.  I gradually “enhanced” it to feature other amusements such as a forum and a shoutbox, (of which the latter still exists in the ether, I just found out) in which people could converse and make merriment.

With the rise of social networking, I felt less and less motivated to keep the site up to date and over time I let it  fall into disuse for a number of years before the ease of blogging software rekindled my interest.  Sinful Distractions had a new lease of life for a time, igniting my passion for writing ostentatious monologues. The nature of blogging also inspired me to share some of the photographs I had taken in my absence, and urged me to start taking more, a pastime in which I love.

 One particular afternoon, something went wrong. An update crashed the entire database and I completely lost access to the site, both front and back end. Throwing my hands up in disgust, I gave up and decided to go play games instead.

2014, and she’s back. Simpler than ever. A cleaner, easier on the eye, electric notepad. No longer the sole home of cryptic writings. (Odd stuff will probably still feature heavily though).  My aim here is to post anything that interests me, whether it is something I have written, shot, played, listened to, watched, visited or even observed.  Social networking has its merits yet I still feel the need to have a place I can call home(page).

Thanks again for visiting.

Dominik Placido