Blind Positivity

Lately some people have been accusing me of being negative.


I’m just positively pessimistic except when I’m half full.

In other news,  this is what I will be wearing next week.


Blade Runner Revisited

“I’ve… seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those… moments… will be lost in time, like tears… in… rain. Time… to die…”

Without a doubt one of the most heartbreaking and powerful moments in modern(ish) cinema. I could watch this four minute clip thirty times instead of watching another movie. Without Vangelis’ score however, this wouldn’t have the impact that it does. Pretty music, pretty words and  pretty pictures. If for some inexplicable reason you have not seen this movie, go watch it now!

“Were it not for all the fragrant and captivating flowers that invade my primary senses and coerce me to bid farewell to my common, I am thoroughly convinced that I would be far more prolific in writing about absolutely nothing.”

– Deuil Furieux


Bearing record of the dissention

nothing and all of anything

prepared never…

hallucinate with intensions

procrastinate the decisions

not wrecked

not found…

unusual these thoughts

the hope was there in the beginning

the rush was always there

And I sit here and wait

Thumbing  through glances of your face

Q, A and E

Reason and purpose?

These cursed new lives.

Sneer at my resentment

and scream at my insecurity!

Still and dispassionate?

My glistening new haunt.

Hanker to my transient bones

and toast my smouldering embers!

Judgement and intolerance?

The weight of bright futures.

Throw my words unto the ash

and sell me out for my audacity!

Taut and withered?

This fool of a mask,

Smile at my interior lie

and see the innocence there!

Time and memory?

Those poor fading gods,

Drown in my sentiment

and drain my demise!

Chains and the rain?

They were only illusion

Howl with me now

and I’ll jump the fucking fence.

Blood Before The Dawn

I saw the godhead in the Moai

The marriage of sunlight and stars

Broken by the ruin of time

I saw sadness painted with smiles

and a silence more potent than words

The soul of a dream veiled in ideals

This serrated edge that I carried

wounds deep, sincere and deadly

and yet;

caused a scar that shapes me.

You own my last heart

with your wings and your light

you fan the embers like a hurricane,

fondle my esteem

yet I lay gladly in your shadow.

You will have my blood before the dawn, but

Until that day;

Frozen in the arms of care, I am yours,

Awed, inspired and at your feet.

My willing fall from grace

at the promise

of a kiss eclipse.

I Love You Google

The latest Googlisms from the term “Wordslut”

My sides hurt. Seriously.

  • wordslut is  inherently indivisible from the madonna/whore binary opposition and thus  (yes? please continue?)
  • wordslut is entirely a personal decision (you bet!)
  • wordslut is a psychological weapon of mass destruction (you best believe!)
  • wordslut is thrown around more carelessly than ever these  days ( :( )
  • wordslut has cut women off because they have an  energy around their sexual desires and we are still so (so…sooo…cute?)
  • wordslut doesn’t distinguish between motivation (why would I?)
  • wordslut is used as a weapon  by men to shame women who wish to liberate themselves from (wordslut?)
  • wordslut is similar to the word feminist (Bwahahahaha!)
  • wordslut is used in a positive sense ( :) )
  • wordslut is far from redeemed ( :( )
  • wordslut is not ok to call men either (but, but…)
  • wordslut is used to put women down (verbally? or with chemicals?)
  • word slut is stupid (Well!!!)

Do your own “research” at:

Clovers of the Field

Her roots and grasses fade in the summer droughts of tears

The frail and black of her fingers as she leaves what is lovely

Her soul hidden underneath the floors

Pale and pushed down…

Her hair as dark as Hazel

Scarlet in the warmth of the sun…

She surcomes herself in the newest moon

The mislay beyond  her despair

What was sore and dainted

smoked and salted

nevermore and faded

Now amongst the clovers of the field

~ For Alex